Transfering a domain - inbound

You can benefit from our excellent Control Panel even if you initially registered your domain name with an alternative domain registrar.

Transferring a, or a domain is absolutely free.

Other domain extensions, including .com, .net or .org are charged at our new domain purchase prices . Following a successful transfer we extend the renewal date of your domain by a further 2 years so the actual transfer is free. The transfer fee must be paid before the transfer is started and is non-refundable should the transfer fail for reasons outside of our control.

To initiate a transfer to All Secure Domains, please email us with details of your domain to transfer and we'll reply with the full process (it can vary depending on the domain).

Transfering a domain - outbound

You can choose to transfer a domain you hold with All Secure Domains to another register at any time during a fully paid subscription period. We do not charge for any outbound domain transfers.

To start an outbound domain transfer simply email us the request, please ensure you include the domain name. We'll reply with details of the transfer process (it can vary depending on the domain) and also ask you to complete a security check to make sure the transfer request is genuine.

Please note we do not provide outbound transfers of domains after they have expired. To transfer an expired (during the renewal grace period) domain you must renew it first.